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Shaina, I just have to say how much I love your product!!! I am so glad that Steve and I decided to sign up for EH. We used to subscribe to one of your competitors (ahem), and we were never impressed by the food quality. Plus, they were frozen, so meals were always wet (Steve doesn't mind, I do). Your combination of food quality and flavor are amazing, I always look forward to every meal of "What's next?". Congratulations on creating such a high quality, delicious product that I enjoy. I am recommending you to everyone that says "Mmmmm, that smells good" when they walk in the teacher lounge. Thank you for being so flexible and accomodating!
The food is fantastic! I'm definitely a foodie and I'm so glad that you can create healthy food without losing all the flavor. I've been telling everyone about your company! I really can't thank you enough! It's great to know I'm eating healthy and getting the nutrition I need!
The southwest tofu and the tofu "fried" rice are my favorites, I could eat them all day long. Thanks for making healthy eating easy 🙂
Guinevere H.
As the mom of a toddler, a full-time professional, a wife and a cancer caregiver to my husband, there is little time to plan meals, let alone do the grocery shopping and cooking. Effortlessly Healthy meal delivery was given to our family as a gift and that's exactly what it's been. Every week I know we can count on several meals being ready to go for us. It allows me to put my time and energy elsewhere.
Kathy Clark
I had a fabulous week of delicious meals...and I am feeling satisfied and full too. I love the breakfasts...especially the Mediterranean Egg Bowl, Oatmeal Parfait, and Banana and Honey Nut Parfait this week. In addition, my favorite lunch and dinners this week were the Chicken with Mashed Turnips, Chicken and Chili Tacos, Chicken Marsala, Beef Burger, and Chicken Waldorf Salad. I particularly like how you plan out each day of meals...they seem to go very well together. I am looking forward to this week's meals. Thank you for having an excellent service!
Effortlessly Healthy makes my lunch time meals a lot more healthy. As a local insurance agent who has appointments all over town it would be easy for me to grab fast food all the time, however, with Effortlessly Healthy my meals are delivered to my gym, I pick them up, I take them throughout the week, and I am able to eat healthy filling meals at my office as go between appointments. This service has been just what I needed, thank you.
Brad Hoot