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  • Do you have the Nutrition Facts?

    Yes, all nutrition facts are listed online at www.ehmeals.com on the menu for the month.
  • Can I freeze meals if needed?

    Yes, all meals are freezable and can be frozen right in the container.
  • What if I’m not home for delivery?

    You can leave a cooler right outside your house and we will leave in there.
  • What is your delivery time?

    We deliver between 3:30pm-7:30pm, Monday & Thursday.
  • What is the cost for delivery to my area?

    See order form with delivery zones.
  • How do I heat up my meals?

    Just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes, stirring in between.
  • How long do my meals stay fresh?

    Meals stay fresh for 3-5 days when kept in proper temperatures (less than 40 degrees).
  • Can I return my containers to you?

    Unfortunately, no. All containers are single-use and it is not health department approved to re-use.
  • What happens if I need to skip a week?

    No problem, your orders are on auto-renew but if you email effortlesslyhealthy@gmail.com the Wednesday prior to going out of town, we can cancel that week for you with no fee.
  • What differentiates Effortlessly Healthy Meals from the competition?

    1. 1. All of our meals are made fresh, never frozen.
    2. 2. We cook all of our meals in house, with our very own chef’s.
    3. 3. Effortlessly Healthy is a woman-owned and operated kitchen.
    4. 4. We create all of our own recipes.
    5. 5. You choose your own meals, we will choose for you only if you want us to!
    6. 6. We also have a food truck, take-out/dine-in quick service restaurant, and cater!
  • Where are you located?

    1. 1. 1921 South Ave.
    2. 2. Our restaurant is open from 11am-5pm, Monday-Friday. We deliver from 11am-2pm.
    3. 3. Meal Delivery Service pick-up hours are between 3:30pm-7:00pm, Monday and Thursday.