Try our frozen meals and skip the grocery store.

Our healthy, delicious frozen meals are better tasting and better for you than the stuff at the grocery store. And you don't have to wade through a swarm of people to find them!

$7 each. Quantity is in parentheses after the meal. Example: Apricot Tofu (1) means we have one in house. 

Just stop by and place your order from our parking lot. Call 355-4527 when you arrive and someone will gather the meals and bring right to your car.

For large orders of 10 or more please email 
Pickup Hours: Monday 10am-4pm, Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-1pm. Tuesday & Friday: 9am-4pm
Pickup only
Delivery is only from fresh meal delivery service. 


Available Now:

  • Low Carb Beef Stew (1)
  • Tuna Noodle Casserole (2)
  • Indonesian Fried Rice (6) 
  • Whole wheat pasta w/ spinach & fresh marinara, topped with mozarella cheese (1)
  • Vegetarian Loaded Fries (1)
  • Bruschetta Burger (1)
  • Tangy Apricot Pulled Pork (2)
  • Cajun Cauliflower with Chicken Sausage (1)
  • Pork Fried Rice (3)
  • Tuscan Butter Chicken (1)
  • Vegetarian Goulash (1)
  • Refried Bean Taco Bowl (1)
  • Kung Pao Chicken (1)
  • Ham Dinner (1)
  • Italian Sausage Skillet (1)
  • Vegetarian Pizza Pasta (4)
  • Veggie Limon (5)